Help us, friend!

A lot of Venezuelans here in different social networks, are seeking for a new future, new projects, new jobs, new life in other countries because Venezuela has changed. I know many Venezuelans with great capacity to create, learn, teach, be. We are very curious people, also I am Venezuelan. I cannot let pass this moment to make a little reflection about our country and manifest the current reality.

Venezuela has no food, medicines, social security, protection by government, health, peace. There is no reason for this situation. Venezuela is a rich country. But our own government and soldiers shoot us and we only have students and civilians defending Venezuela everyday with any thing, even praying. The government wants to implement a dictatorial regimen.

Since April 6th until today there are 36 people murdered, even soldiers. But more than 18 years of rising constant violence as a martial law. Caracas, the capital of nation, is in the first spot as most dangerous city in the world. Now we need justice and a quick solution.

In Venezuela there are good people, there are nice places, foods, culture, education, art, music. I have many contacts on Internet from other countries, and we request for help manifesting about the reality situation in my country (your country) and praying for it. The population of Venezuela has helped many foreign people unconditionally. We need support from other countries, in order to raise our voice outside Venezuela.

Thank you!



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